Our Vision, Mission and objective


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4.0   VISION

      The vision of the organization shall be as follows: “UNGO envisions member NGOs operating freely within the confines of laws so as to reach their goals and objectives as outlined in their diverse and specialised areas of interest, which include poverty alleviation, environmental conservation, gender issues, education, health, and social-development”






The mission of the organization shall be as follows: “To be an umbrella organisation responsible for  initiating and strengthening collaboration, co-operation, networking, through lobbying and advocacy, capacity building, exchange of information and experience among NGOs and NGO networks  in Morogoro Region”





The objectives of the organization shall be as follows:


6.1              To be an umbrella Organization for the Non – Governmental Organizations in Morogoro Region.


6.2              To promote and strengthen amongst NGOs in Morogoro Region the spirit of   collaboration and community interest whereby every member NGO shall find avenue for learning.


6.3               To design programmes that promotes NGO interests.


6.4              To establish a social forum and conducive environment for NGO in Morogoro to share information, knowledge, experience and technology.


6.5               To be the facilitator of NGOs’ activities in Morogoro Region.


6.6               To speak on behalf of members of the organization and to defend NGO interest though lobbying and advocacy.


6.7               To promote linkages and dialogue between NGOs and development partners on social and economic issues.


6.8               To create greater awareness to the public on NGO role and its contributions towards social and economic development.


6.9              To create awareness and encourage NGO activities that strives to promote the need for good governance in the society.


6.10          To ensure that Organization members abide to the existing NGO code of conduct and professional ethics.


6.11          To do all such lawful things  as are incidental and conjunctive to the attainment of the above objectives , or any one , or more of them, and which may seem to Organization desirable, convenient and in its interest.


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